Gem Saviour


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Game stats




Min - Max bet

0.3 - 60 mBTC


Medium volatility



Hit ratio %


Be the Hero in Gem Saviour!

Hidden behind a thick foliage of trees on a lush evergreen mountain, the peaceful village of Audora stands with its amicable people and tranquil households. All is well as everything should be until the evil forces of Ara the Enchantress arrive and ransack all the houses! Stripped with all of their possessions, the villagers cry out for help. Misela the flying cat ventures out on an adventure in search for the Chosen One who will save Audora.

On her travels, she encounters Eric, a young boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and an unbelievable spirit to help others who are in trouble. Join the pair as they battle monsters and witches in casino slot Gem Saviour!

Embark on an adventure unlike any other when you spin the reels at an RTP of 96.82%. With cascading reels, a matching type of payline, and a plethora of quest features, this slot offers action-adventure gameplay that takes you on a fantastical ride across mountains and scraggy plains.

Keep spinning the reels and you can have more chances of landing the jackpot worth 27,750 credits!

Gem Saviour Details 



Game Type

Video Slots


Matching type





Minimum Bet

0.3 credits

Maximum Bet

375 credits


27,750 credits

Gem Saviour: Let the Adventure Begin!

Hop on a life-changing quest when you spin the 6 reels of casino slot Gem Saviour! Land at least 4 symbols of the same kind in adjacent positions to score instant prizes. Set your bet from 0.3 credits to the maximum of 375 credits before picking up your sword and spinning the reels!


Gems cut into triangles and squares make up the low-paying symbols of the game. Emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, and topazes display their beguiling beauty in every spin of the reels. 

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Payout per Piece


3 x bet amount


3 x bet amount


5 x bet amount


5 x bet amount

High-paying Symbols

Be enchanted by the glowing crystals that make up the game’s high-paying symbols. Rose quartzes, rubies in cut in heart shapes, hexagonal citrines, and diamonds glitter on the reels, flaunting their elegance in every spin.

Check the table below to see each symbol’s corresponding payout values at maximum wager:


Payout per Piece

Rose Quartz

10 x bet amount


10 x bet amount


15 x bet amount


30 x bet amount

Special Symbol

A swirling symbol engraved on a circular stone serves as the game’s Respin Gem. When this symbol appears on the reels and there are no more winning combinations, all Gems on the reel are removed and a new arrangement of Gems will cascade into the reel.


Hero’s Adventure

At every spin, the Hero walks on top of the reels to travel and he may encounter various events like relics with different types of rewards and different types of monsters to defeat.

Relic Encounter

If the protagonist runs into a stack of relics, he attacks and destroys a block of relics at the start of every spin. When there is no relic left, the protagonist may obtain a money bag, a treasure map, or a treasure chest.

The money bag can reveal instant prizes ranging from 2x to 5x the current bet amount.

The reels can only reveal a treasure map when there are no active treasure maps in the game or a treasure key in hand. After getting the treasure map, you can receive a treasure key when all positions indicated in the treasure map are activated by exploding Gems on the reels. 

Afterwards, the treasure key is revealed.

Treasure Chest

You can only encounter a treasure chest when you finally have a treasure key in hand. A treasure chest can reveal a prize that can be 10x, 15x, 20x or 30x of the current bet amount. Once you unlock a treasure chest, your key cannot be used anymore.

Monster Encounter

When the Hero stumbles upon one or more monsters, he will attack with each spin followed by the monster’s counterattack in the following spin. The fight goes on until the monster’s HP bar reaches zero.

A special gem can appear whenever the protagonist attacks the monster/s. This special gem will be placed on a random position on the reels when there are no more Gem explosions or no Respin Gem is on the reels. The special gem can be any of the following types:

  • Horizontal Special Gem - This gem expands horizontally
  • Vertical Special Gem - This gem expands vertically
  • Area Special Gem - This gem expands into all adjacent positions in four directions
  • Plus Special Gem - This gem expands vertically and horizontally.

If the Hero’s HP drops down to zero, he cannot attack and the flying cat will create a healing shield around him. Afterwards, all spins and gem explosions will increase his HP bar. The monster will still attack but with reduced damage.

When the protagonist’s HP reaches one-third of the maximum HP bar, the healing shield is removed and he is now able to attack the monster at the following spins.

Once the monster/s’ HP reaches zero, the monster/s die and you’ll receive a reward of coins depending on the type of monster you defeated.

  • Defeating a Mimic, Bat, or Skeleton rewards 3x the current bet amount
  • Defeating a Gargoyle or Treant rewards 6x the current bet amount
  • Defeating a Werewolf or Golem rewards 15x the current bet amount
  • Defeating a With rewards 44x the current bet amount.

Gem Saviour: Marching Towards the Land of Heroes

The lush green forest of casino slot Gem Saviour awaits your arrival in its mythical land! Traverse the forest landscape with Eric and Misela as they run on top of the reels whenever you hit the spin button. Encounter a portal and you’re transported to a different place characterized by craggy mountains and streams of hot lava flowing everywhere. 

Let the thematic adventure score immerse you further in this valiant adventure. With premium graphics and top-of-the-line animation that is the signature of PG Soft games, Gem Saviour delivers another one-of-a-kind adventure game that takes your expectations to another level. 

Gem Saviour: Precious Gems Await!

Defeat Ara’s evil forces and be the hero in casino slot Gem Saviour! With a unique and rewarding payline and an RPG style of gameplay, this slot presents an exhilarating journey amplified by plenty of chances of winning big! Keep spinning the reels to raise your odds of landing the jackpot worth 27,750 credits.

Continue the never-ending quest in Gem Saviour Sword and you just might stumble upon the Tree of Fortune!

Gem Saviour

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