Gem Saviour Sword


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Game stats




Min - Max bet

0.1 - 15 mBTC


Medium volatility



Hit ratio %


Embark on a Journey in Gem Saviour Sword

Eric is back right after fulfilling his heroic quest in Gem Saviour. This time, he has to protect Gem Village from the schemes of Witch Ira. Help him find three magic stones and collect the Sword of Light when you spin the reels of casino slot Gem Saviour Sword! 

Discover gemstones on the way when you spin the unique reels at an RTP of 95.54%. With Bonus Respins and Bonus Wheels features, casino slot Gem Saviour Sword offers a thrilling heroic journey. Try your luck now to get a chance in winning the jackpot worth 400x your bet!

Gem Saviour Sword Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.30 mBTC

Maximum Bet

150 mBTC


400x your bet

Gem Saviour Sword: The Chosen Hero Arrives

An adventure unlike any other awaits on the 5x1 reels of casino slot Gem Saviour Sword! Land any of the paying symbols on any position to receive an instant prize! Set your bet from the minimum of 0.30 mBTC to a maximum of 150 mBTC before spinning the stone reels.


Dig through the earth and mine different kinds of jewels and gemstones. The game has three tiers of paying symbols. Non-paying symbols include spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. Bronze, silver, and gold coins make up the low-tier of symbols. 

Check below to see their corresponding payouts:




3 x bet amount


3 x bet amount


5 x bet amount

Gemstones cut in various shapes are the mid-tier symbols. Find gilded emeralds, turquoises, sapphires, and amethysts whenever you spin the reels.

Check below to see their corresponding payouts:




5 x bet amount


10 x bet amount


20 x bet amount


50 x bet amount

For the high-tiered symbols, the game features high-quality jewels framed in gold. Chiselled into different shapes are pink spinels, rubies, diamonds, and obsidians. 

Check below to see their corresponding payouts:



Pink spinel

70 x bet amount


80 x bet amount


100 x bet amount


150 x bet amount

The special cat symbol triggers a respin while the 3 types of Sword symbols activate the Bonus Wheel feature.


Cat Respin Feature

Trigger this feature when you catch 1 or more cat symbol/s on reels 2, 3, and/or 4. The reel/s with the cat symbol/s respins and will reveal high-paying symbols only. Wins are paid after the respin.

Bonus Wheel Feature

Landing all 3 Sword symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 triggers the Bonus Wheel Feature. Click on the Bonus Wheel above the reels to spin it. 

The wheel contains slots with regular multiplier values and special multiplier values with a Bonus Respin. If the wheel stops on a regular multiplier value, a prize equal to the bet amount multiplied to the value is rewarded.

If the wheel stops on a special multiplier value with two arrows encircling it, you receive a prize equal to the bet amount multiplied to the value you get. The Bonus Respin feature is triggered as well.

During the Bonus Respin, each reel spins to reveal only winning symbols.

Gem Saviour Sword: Mine Crystals and Gems

Head back into the fantastical world of Eric and magical creatures in casino slot Gem Saviour Sword! Hidden within verdant trees are the ancient reels and the Bonus Wheel that stands behind it. Unearth the fabled Sword of Light from the stone reels that hide it. Green pastures lie on the ground where Eric sits on.

3-dimensional graphics bring life to the game while vibrant colours give off a vigorous atmosphere. Feel the adventure live on with the thematic music playing in the background. Immerse yourself completely in this tale of destined swords and spirited youths.

Gem Saviour Sword: Take the Sword with You!

Embark on a prophetic journey when you open the reels of casino slot Gem Saviour Sword! Excavate the Sword of Light and spin the gigantic Bonus Wheel. Try your luck in every spin to receive more chances of landing the jackpot worth 400x your bet!

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Gem Saviour Sword