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Gold Fever: As Good As Gold Can Get

Something’s been plaguing the locals since the mine opened. Only when the first bunch of Minecarts started rolling into town did everyone realize what all the commotion was about—gold… and lots of it! Things are heating up around here and it’s all about casino slot Gold Fever.

It’s out with the old and in with the new when it comes to the Gold Fever. Abandon your old stones and crystalline accessories because glittering gold is where it’s at nowadays. In the advent of the gold rush, equip yourself with your sturdiest Pickaxe and get ready to blow up your wallet with gold as you detonate the Dynamite while you spin the reels. 

What are you waiting for? The chance to win up to m₿ 12,500 in raw gold isn’t going to wait forever!

Gold Fever Details 



Game Type

Video Slots


243 Ways





Minimum Bet

m₿ 0.50

Maximum Bet

m₿ 50


m₿ 12,500

Gold Fever: The Golden Rule(s)

Caleta’s casino slot Gold Fever is a 5-reel slot with 243 ways to win that focuses on the Gold Fever phenomenon—a community-wide collective psychosis that stems from the thrill of discovering gold. 

A winning combination can be formed when 3 or more matching symbols appear consecutively from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.

The basic symbols are various letters and minor items during the gold rush period. Each symbol has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

F Sign

m₿ 2

m₿ 15

m₿ 70

G Sign

m₿ 5

m₿ 20

m₿ 80


m₿ 8

m₿ 25

m₿ 100

Native American Headdress

m₿ 8

m₿ 30

m₿ 120


m₿ 10

m₿ 50

m₿ 125


m₿ 12

m₿ 60

m₿ 150

The high-paying symbols are valuable tools and icons of the gold rush. Each symbol has its own payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


m₿ 15

m₿ 75

m₿ 250


m₿ 20

m₿ 80

m₿ 300


m₿ 30

m₿ 100

m₿ 600

The casino slot Gold Fever has a Wild symbol that substitutes all paying symbols except for the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is represented by a Skull and Miner’s Cap. On reels 3-5, the Wild Symbol can appear stacked which means that it occupies all 3 spaces on the reels.

Wild Event Feature

On random occasions, reels 2-4 can turn into Wild Reels with a guaranteed win. A Wild Reel means that it substitutes all paying symbols and increases or completes winning combinations it’s part of. 

Free Spins

The Gold Fever slot has a Free Spins mode that allows you to spin the reels for free once activated. To unlock the Free Spins mode, a minimum of 3 Scatter symbols needs to land on the reels during your regular spins. 

The Scatter symbols are represented by a mineshaft portrait. The more Scatter symbols that land, the more Free Spins you play with. Additionally, Scatter symbols have their own payouts for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:

  • Getting 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels gives you 15 Free Spins and 5x your bet up to m₿ 250.
  • Getting 4 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels gives you 20 Free Spins and 50x your bet up to m₿ 2,500.
  • Getting 5 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels gives you 25 Free Spins and 250x your bet up to m₿ 12,500.

During the Free Spins mode, consecutive winning combinations can give you progressive win multipliers up to 10x.

Gold Fever: Gold Makes Anything Look Good

Caleta’s casino slot Gold Fever takes you on a trek across the Wild West in search of bountiful gold deposits hidden deep within the earth’s crust. Outdated wooden buildings held up by crumbling posts are located all around town in the background with the orange skies casting a rich, orange glow on the earth below. 

The symbols glint from the fanciful gold dust that ran rampant across entire towns. Playing in the background is an upbeat remix of a traditional country melody with hints of rock and pop masterfully blended in. 

Gold Fever: What Glitters Is All Yours

With every minecart and wheelbarrow full to bursting with raw, unprocessed gold, take your piece of the golden pie and you can potentially win up to m₿ 12,500—hassle-free. Loyalty is hard to come by in the Wild West, but as they say, loyalty is golden. Remain loyal to your desires and gold can come to you faster than a speeding minecart on the tracks. Let the gold take control with Caleta’s casino slot Gold Fever.

Take your newly-acquired wealth and hop aboard the Lucky Express so you make it in time for the boarding of the Cruise of Fortune. Titanic is overrated anyway.

Gold Fever

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