Golden Shisa


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Min - Max bet

0.02 - 10 mBTC


Medium-high volatility



Hit ratio %


Golden Shisa: Uncover the riches kept by the guardian lions

A beach festival is being held in the city to celebrate the freedom from colonisers thirty years ago. You’re silently slumping down on the white sand and reading an Asian novel you barely understand. It’s only ten in the morning but the guests from all over the town are arriving, ready to welcome the day’s wonders and excitement. You get back on your feet and walk around to witness the dances, rituals and circus shows. However, something catches your attention. Casino slot Golden Shisa sits behind the bush, offering a jackpot worth 1,100x your total bet. 

Are you ready to meet the guardian lions that have been abandoned for decades now? If yes, then an RTP of 96.03% is waiting for you! Get ready to play for hours, trigger bonus features and land lucky 7s for higher wins. 

Golden Shisa Details



Game Type

Video Slots



Minimum Bet

0.20 credits

Maximum Bet

100 credits


1,100x your original stake

Golden Shisa: Frequently asked questions

What is the RTP of Golden Shisa?

Golden Shisa has an appealing RTP of 96.03%.

What is the volatility of Golden Shisa?

The volatility of Golden Shisa is medium to high.

What is the max win available for Golden Shisa?

The maximum coin win is set at 1,100x your stake.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Golden Shisa?

The minimum bet is relatively low at 0.20 credits and the maximum bet is 100 credits.

Golden Shisa: Tidy up the statues

The Golden Shisa statues you find may have been left alone for years, but the magic it carries is more powerful than ever. To start collecting your rewards, you should place a minimum bet of 0.20 credits and a maximum wager of 100 credits. After placing your bet, then you can uncover the fortunes inside the mouths of the Shisa!

Compared to most online slots, casino slot Golden Shisa do not follow the standard layout. However, just because there aren’t several paylines in a massive grid doesn’t mean the game would be less intense! The game has one payline that can reward you with endless prizes and multiply your bets in just one spin. 

Press the play button below the reel to spin the symbols inside the Shisa’s mouth. If a paying symbol appears in the middle of the reel, you will be rewarded with the corresponding payout.


Low paying symbols

Landing low paying symbols will start your Okinawan adventure with a bang! Find the pineapples, papayas, mangoes, watermelons and drums on a payline. Based on the highest waging amount, listed below are the following rewards you’ll win:




40 credits


50 credits


60 credits


80 credits


240 credits

High paying symbols

Keep your luck on a roll when you land high paying symbols on the reel! They appear as blue, red and gold 7s, giving you the following payouts based on the maximum bet amount:



Blue seven

200 credits

Red seven

600 credits

Gold seven

2,000 credits

Bonus features

Respin feature

Regardless of its colour, landing a number seven on the reel will trigger the Respin feature. It continues until you hit a win with a symbol other than the 7 symbol. 

Golden Shisa: Meet the lucky guardian lions

You take a moment to inhale the salty air around you. The crystal clear water of the ocean, when it’s basked under the sunlight, gives you this calming feeling you haven’t experienced in years. When you turn your head around, you see the Golden Shisa statues in their full glory—their intricate carvings telling the ancient history of what once was. Their mouths carry the luckiest symbols you can find in the area, such as pineapples, mangoes and drums left by the island’s tribes. 

Below the reel, you can find growing poinsettias. Once you land a red seven, they would light up and bloom to signal the start of your boundless harvest. History books consider this flower as the sole protector of the statues, defending the Shisa from evil mortals.

OneTouch has also taken animation and graphics to a whole new level. The beach that serves as the main background of the game makes you feel like you’re in a Japanese animated show. Meanwhile, there’s also a Turbo feature to speed up the game and let the symbols pass like the world’s fastest plane!

Celebrate the Golden Shisa for bigger wins

Enjoy this unique fruit slot and get the chance to reap huge rewards left and right! Casino slot Golden Shisa offers you the opportunity to win 1,100x your original bet, trigger multiple respins and immerse in an Okinawan tale for a lifetime of luck. The game also spins at an RTP of 96.03%, helping you land winning combinations in just a couple of spins. 

What are you waiting for? Get on a Bonus Track and land a Juicy 7 to watch the poinsettias bloom!

Golden Shisa

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