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Imperial Colours: Long Live the Wins!

The king and queen of good luck and fortune have made a new royal decree! You have to have a good time with casino slot Imperial Colours. Bow and curtsy before you offer a wager to win their royal favour. Spin the reels and get a chance to be rewarded with wins that can go up to 500 times your stake awaits!

Hear ye, hear ye! The king and queen of casino slot Imperial Colours would like to let another decree be known. It is an RTP of 96% when you spin the reels. There are also Double Pay wilds and Triple Pay wilds that multiply your total win if one of these wilds forms part of a winning line.

Don’t keep the royals waiting. Get a compatible device that you prefer such as your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone to play casino slot Imperial Colours!

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500 x your bet

Imperial Colours: The Royal Treatment

Get a royal treatment when you spin the reels at casino slot Imperial Colours. This video slot game is a classic casino slot wherein you can find the traditional setup of 3 reels that feature a single payline. The symbols are also pretty conventional with a mixture of Sevens and Bars. 

Place a wager from €0.20 to €500 to spin the reels of casino slot Imperial Colours. Land symbols on the reels to complete winning combinations. The symbols are illustrated as red, blue, and green Sevens, and single, double, and triple Bars in the same colours. 

There is also a special Wild symbol designed to look like a coat of arms with a crown on top. This Wild symbol can double or triple your wins each time it’s a part of a winning combination. However, you get to win the jackpot when you get 3 Wilds instead.

For winning combinations, there’s a variety where you can claim glory. For starters, you can claim a prize with the following sequence:

  • Any 3 red symbols = 1 times your stake
  • Any 3 blue symbols = 1 times  your stake
  • Any 3 green symbols = 1 times your stake.

The Bars in casino slot Imperial Colours are the low paying symbols with the following payouts:

  • Any 3 low symbols = 2 times your stake
  • 3 Green Bar = 5 times your stake
  • 3 Blue Bar = 7 times your stake
  • 3 Red Bar = 10 times your stake.

On top of that, the high paying symbols  in this video slot game are the Sevens with their payouts as follows:

  • Any 3 high symbols =  10 times your stake
  • 3 Green Seven = 12 times your stake
  • 3 Blue Seven = 15 times your stake
  • 3 Red Seven = 25 times your stake.

Just like classic slots games, casino slot Imperial Colours do not have special features within its reels. However, it makes up for it with an exciting feature where you can multiply your wins.

Increase your chances of accumulating more rewards with the Gamble feature of casino slot Imperial Colours. It’s sort of like a mini-game within the video slot game that is only available whenever you land a winning combination.

The objective of this Gamble feature is to guess the colour of the coin that will be chosen. It can either be blue or red. If you predict it correctly, you will double your win! However, if you are wrong, you will lose your winnings. This feature ends when your prediction is wrong or when you decide not to gamble your earnings. There’s also a gambling limit that ends the gambling game if it is reached.

Imperial Colours: Crowning Glory

Giving the classic slots game a royal treatment, casino slot Imperial Colours displays a diamond-patterned backdrop in a rich purple colour. In front of it, there is a simple yet classic 2D reel. The reels are framed in a vibrant shade of red with a thin black line to indicate the single pay line. 

Mimicking the timeless display of a classic slots game, the reels are slightly curved and in beige colouring, just like old slot machines. Furthermore, the symbols are also just like their traditional counterparts. They are composed of simple but vividly designed graphics, outlined with thick black lines.

Keeping to the royal theme, a marching song plays every time you spin the reels of casino slot Imperial Colours. This tune will definitely make you just want to continuously play the game in order to listen to it because of its catchiness. It also plays a majestic sound effect whenever you get a winning line while the symbols glow in celebration.

Imperial Colours: Luck Save the Wins

If the British people have a saying that goes, ‘God save the Queen’, casino slot Imperial Colour will make you want to believe that luck saves your wins. Winning in this video slot game is easier than running a kingdom! So, place your wager bravely to spin the reels at an RTP of 96%.

You can get a chance to score wins that can amount up to 500 times your bet. Plus, the Gamble feature is pretty addictive that you wouldn’t mind the stakes. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even get to multiply your total wins from it!

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Imperial Colours