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    Feel the Might of the Egyptian Gods in Legacy of Egypt

    Egypt—once a legendary empire built for the gods who governed the lands, now unearthed for the world to see.

    Discover the Legacy of Egypt through this slot game and witness for yourself the gods and goddesses who had once ruled over it.

    Ra rules the sun and all it shines upon, Sobek protects the River Nile, and Neith weaves the tapestry of fate itself and birthed the very gods the Egyptians once worshipped. Spin the Wheel of the Gods and win the gods’ favour as you experience an ancient legacy reimagined by Play’N Go. Also, keep an eye out for any Jeweled Scarabs. They may come to be rather profitable when placed in the right reels.

    Clutch your ankh as you explore the desert and expedite the jewels and gold coins that once belonged to pharaohs. Find up to 450,000 coins! Good luck. The Eye of Horus will be watching.

    Legacy of Egypt Details


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    Minimum Bet

    0.30 coins

    Maximum Bet

    90 coins


    450,000 coins

    Legacy of Egypt: Decyphering the Hieroglyphics

    Legacy of Egypt is a 5-reel slot game that focuses on the immense mythos of ancient Egypt brought to life.

    The common symbols are from the standard deck used by most slot games. These are the J, Q, K, and A. They all have the same win combinations:

    • Getting 3 gives you up to 15 coins
    • Getting 4 gives you up to 60 coins
    • Getting 5 gives you up to 150 coins

    Then there are the ancient gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt themselves. Each one has their own win combinations:


    Set of 3

    Set of 4

    Set of 5

    The Cat, Bastet

    30 coins

    75 coins

    300 coins

    The Crocodile, Sobek

    30 coins

    75 coins

    300 coins

    The Jackal, Anubis

    30 coins

    75 coins

    375 coins

    The Hawk, Ra

    45 coins

    120 coins

    600 coins

    The Emperor of Egypt

    45 coins

    150 coins

    750 coins

    The Weaver of Fate, Neith

    60 coins

    225 coins

    900 coins

    The Wild is represented by a Jeweled Scarab Beetle. It may act as all other symbols except for the Scatter. It also has its own wins:

    • Getting 3 gives you up to 90 coins
    • Getting 4 gives you up to 300 coins
    • Getting 5 gives you up to 1500 coins

    The Scatter symbol is represented by a pyramid tchotchke. Wins with the Scatter symbol are multiplied by the bet and added to your current wins. Getting at least 3 gives you up to 450 coins.

    Legacy of Egypt Free Spins

    When you get at least 3 Scatter symbols, you also unlock Free Spins. During Free Spins, the Scatter symbols all act as the Wild. To see how many Free Spins you get, you must spin the Wheel of the Gods. This dictates how many Free Spins you will get up to a maximum of 20.

    Pyramid Spins

    If during Free Spins you manage to get at least 2 Wild Scatter symbols, you unlock Pyramid Spins. You will spin the Wheel of the Gods yet again and see how many Pyramid Spins you get, up to a maximum of 8. Once these are finished, you resume your regular Free Spins. If you manage to get over 2 Wild Scatters during your Free Spins, the Wheel of the Gods’ Pyramid Spins values are doubled, giving you a new maximum of 16 spins.

    Legacy of Egypt: Pyramids Worthy of the Gods

    The Legacy of Egypt makes use of a perfected visual experience of the once glorious ancient Egypt. With unique portraits of the great Egyptian gods, such as Anubis, Ra, and Bastet, the game gives justice to their almighty power and status. They’ve all been taken great care of in terms of their appearances.

    However, the art isn’t the only thing done with exquisite detail. The background is absolutely beautiful. It brings to life the great civilization Egypt once was, with humongous pyramids scattered along the horizon and intricate architecture built from fresh sandstone.

    The music also remixes the usual slow Egyptian theme music and gives it a new beat to keep your heart pumping and have you dancing like an Egyptian with every win.

    Legacy of Egypt: Mortality May End But Divinity Never Does

    Play’N Go’s Legacy of Egypt is a slot game definitely worth playing, whether or not you’ve ever been a fan of the Egyptian mythos. Experience for yourself just what it was that made the Egyptians worship their gods so loyally. The casino slot has immense win potential, reaching great heights of 450,000 coins.

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    Legacy of Egypt