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Don’t Get Lost Inside Ancient Egypt!

Embark on this adventure with Dr Bones to find the mummy of a great pharaoh in casino slot Lost! Beware, don’t get lost or you’ll never find your way back home.

Raiding Egypt for some mummified pharaoh might not be your choice of daytime activity, but getting that sarcophagus can give you the opportunity to bring home the 15,000 coin jackpot. Now does that sound like an action-packed adventure worthy of your time? Pack light and get going in casino slot Lost!

Lost Details



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



15,000 coins

Lost in the Sea of Riches!

Casino slot Lost is a 5-reel, 30-payline game with an RTP rate of 91.70%. It features a Centre Wild Reel, Monkey Click Me, Centre Reel Respins and the Mummy’s Tomb Bonus Round. With all these exciting features in store for you, you won’t have the chance to anticipate what will happen next. So watch your every move!

Ancient Symbols

Casino slot Lost’s symbols include ancient Egyptian icons, booby-traps and the games main characters. Each symbol has a corresponding payout depending on the combination you’ll land. 

The scarab, ankh, Anubis and pendulum are iconic symbols of Egypt. They represent casino slot Lost’s low-value symbols. Landing a combination of these symbols can give you the following payouts on max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


10 coins

25 coins

50 coins


25 coins

50 coins

125 coins


50 coins

100 coins

250 coins


75 coins

150 coins

375 coins

Join Dr Bones and his trusty assistant, Farooq as they search for the sarcophagus of the glorified pharaoh, Ah-Amded. These characters represent the game’s high-value symbols and landing a combination of them can give you the following payouts on max bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


100 coins

250 coins

500 coins


250 coins

500 coins

1,000 coins

Dr Dakota Bones

400 coins

1,000 coins

2,500 coins

Abundant Features

Centre Wild Reel

Get the Staff symbol on any position on the centre reel to trigger the Centre Wild Reel. The icon will expand to take up the centre reel, serving as a 2x Wild Reel for all symbols except Bonus Round and Monkey Click Me triggers. This feature can double all your wins.

Monkey Click Me

Get the Monkey symbol on any position on the fourth reel to trigger the Monkey Click Me feature. Join the zany lost monkey as he jumps around, revealing prizes behind the symbols you chose on the reels. You can get a maximum payout of 1,650 coins in this feature.

Centre Reel Respins

Be ready to earn even more credits each time you win with Centre Reel Respins. Each time you achieve a winning combination on the reels, the prize will be paid out and the centre reel will be respun for an instant chance to earn more wins. 

Each time the reel respins, your multiplier in the upper right corner will increase from 1x, 2x, 3x and to a maximum of 5x. Respins will continue to occur as long as a win is happening on the reels.

The Mummy’s Tomb Bonus Round

Earn four Eye of Ra Doorway symbols on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 to trigger the Mummy’s Tomb Bonus Round! Help the Relic Hunter choose a door, but watch out because rumour has it that mummies are hidden all around these parts. You can get a maximum payout of 15,000 coins in this feature.

Lost in the Shadows of the Pyramids

In a stone henge lit by fire torches, the reels of casino slot Lost is built. It’s littered with golden chests, vases, sarcophagus’ and pots. With all those prestigious items lying around, the only treasure missing is the mummy of the great Ah-Amded.

By the side of the reels, Dr Dakota Bones stands in a stride. He is clothed in an adventurer’s outfit complete with a brown fedora. He carefully looks around to make sure no booby-traps lie in his wake. 

There is minimal animation in the game except for the fire dancing in the wind. Blue skies fill the background, but from where the reels are positioned, shadows overpower it. 

Dr Bones have lines such as ‘Amazing! It’s actually real’ that can be heard in the background along with adventurous music that fits perfectly with the theme. 

Wander off in the many wonderful features in store for you here in casino slot Lost!

Be Lost in the Midst of Great Power

Witness greatness unravelling before your eyes as you finish your quest to find the mummy of the great pharaoh. Become Dr Bones and Farooq’s loyal comrade in this life-changing feat to harness the power of the pharaoh.

You can encounter many hurdles along the way, but fight on brave soul. Once this is all over, you can have casino slot Lost’s 15,000 coin jackpot in your pockets and be safely on your way home.

Hear the Legend of the Nile while you’re here in Egypt and before you begin another adventure to search for The Golden Owl of Athena with Betsoft.