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    Steam Vault: The Inner Machinations of a Jackpot

    The glory of the past comes to you in copper and steel with OneTouch’s casino slot Steam Vault.

    Get the chance to win up to m₿ 25,000 as you spin the gears and unlock the secrets of the great vault. The vault holds unimaginable treasures and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. With OneTouch of a button, the world’s most well-protected secrets and wonders can be yours. Steam-powered mechanical ingenuity and unstoppable creativity can turn the world on its head. You already have the technology.

    You don’t need humans to run a vault. Machines can do everything better. The real money is in the little engines that could, so huff and puff your way to victory in this steampunk fantasy.

    Steam Vault Details



    Game Type

    Video Slots


    27 Ways





    Minimum Bet

    m₿ 0.02

    Maximum Bet

    m₿ 10


    m₿ 25,000

    Steam Vault: The Value of Money and Machines

    OneTouch’s casino slot Steam Vault is a 3-reel slot game with 27 ways to win. Winning combinations are formed when matching symbols consecutively appear from the leftmost reel going to the rightmost reel.

    The symbols are various coloured buttons. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the max bet:


    Set of 3

    Any Combination of Green Buttons

    m₿ 20

    Blue Buttons

    m₿ 50

    Green Triangle Buttons

    m₿ 70

    Green Square Buttons

    m₿ 150

    Red Buttons

    m₿ 500

    The casino slot Steam Vault has a Wild symbol that substitutes all paying symbols except the Free Games symbol. The Wild symbol is represented by a ‘W’ and pays up to m₿ 2,500 when a winning combination of 3 Wild symbols is formed. Wild symbols that land on the centre reel become sticky and remain for another spin.

    Steam Vault Free Games

    The casino slot Steam Vault has a Free Games mode that allows you to spin the reels for free. The Free Games mode is activated with 10 Free Games when 3 Free Games symbols land on the reels. You are also rewarded with up to m₿ 500 when 3 Free Games symbols land on the reels.

    Steam Vault The Wheel of Vault and Bonus Vault

    The casino slot Steam Vault has a Wheel of Vault feature that can potentially reward you with the bonus game. The Wheel of Vault has several differently coloured notches corresponding with the different coloured symbols. Whenever the next notch on the Wheel of Vault matches with the symbol in the slot’s centre position, the Wheel of Vault progresses by 1. Wild symbols substitute all paying symbols and progress the Wheel by 1 as well. Once the Wheel of Vault has been completed, you are rewarded with the Bonus Round.

    In the Bonus Round, you can potentially win up to 2,500x your bet with the Bonus Vault. Simply spin the wheel and be rewarded with where it lands.

    Steam Vault: Reverse Engineering

    The casino slot Steam Vault is an imaginary steam dream brought to life. When you open the game, you’re set inside a freshly-painted blue steel engine room where golden pipes and coils run through the walls and ceiling. Unlike other steampunk-inspired slots, OneTouch’s Steam Vault is a modernized take with clean visuals and fresh polish. Serving as the game’s ambient music in the background is an incredibly atmospheric record player’s antiquated sound quality as it plays a melody from a bygone era.

    Steam Vault: Ain’t No Rust For the Wicked

    Head into a world of mechanical fantasy where treating everyone and everything like a machine is perfectly acceptable in OneTouch’s casino slot Steam Vault. Steampunk’s loyal fanbase has created this steel gem in the rough with a chance to win up to m₿ 25,000 as you spin the reels and delve into the depths of the great vault. If every cloud has a silver lining, the Steam Vault has a Golden Stripe. Spin the vault’s Wheel of Fortune and see what treasures lie in store.