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Golden Ingots Await in Win Win Won!

For the adorable guardian of the Golden Palace, Won-Won, it’s always Year of the Dog no matter the zodiac year. Play with him as you test your luck in casino slot Win Win Won!

Classic reels have never been this delightful! Let Won-Won the corgi guide your way to the Golden Palace where treasures up to 7,800x your bet awaits. Spin the reels now at an RTP of 94.14%!

Win Win Won Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

0.25 mBTC

Maximum Bet

15 mBTC


7,800x your bet

Win Win Won: It’s the Year of Endless Winning

It’s always the year of endless winning here in casino slot Win Win Won! Spin the game’s 3x1 reels and see Won-Won’s favourite chew toys as well as Chinese characters chiselled in gold, emerald, and jade. Land 3 matching symbols or any combination of bones on the single payline to score a win. Anticipate Won-Won to randomly nudge the third reel and possibly reward you with a prize!

The game has 3 bet levels: Ingot Bet 1, Ingot Bet 2, and the highest Ingot Bet 3. Bet 1 costs equal to the wager size while Bet 2 and 3 cost twice and thrice the wager size respectively. See their corresponding payout values per winning combination displayed on scrolls below the reels.

Adjust your wager size from 0.25 mBTC to the maximum of 15 mBTC before playing with Won-Won and spinning the reels!


Traditional slot symbols get a Chinese make-over in this game. Instead of cherries, bars, and stars, you get bones, Chinese characters in three different colours, and Won-Won as the highest-paying symbol.

Check below to see each symbol’s corresponding payouts for all three bet levels:


Ingot Bet 1

Ingot Bet 2

Ingot Bet 3

Any bones

10 x wager size

20 x wager size

30 x wager size


20 x wager size

40 x wager size

60 x wager size

Two bones

30 x wager size

60 x wager size

90 x wager size

Three bones

50 x wager size

100 x wager size

150 x wager size

Jade character

80 x wager size

160 x wager size

240 x wager size

Emerald character

150 x wager size

300 x wager size

450 x wager size

Gold character

400 x wager size

800 x wager size

1,200 x wager size


800 x wager size

1,600 x wager size

2,600 x wager size


Multiplier Reel

The multiplier reel placed below the reels activates when you select Bet 2 or 3. It spins as well whenever the reels spin, revealing a random multiplier value depending on your bet.

If you choose Ingot Bet 2, the multiplier reel can reward a 1x or 2x multiplier. Your win for that spin will be multiplied by the randomly chosen number.

If you choose Ingot Bet 3, the multiplier reel can reward a 1x, 2x, or 3x multiplier. Your win will for that spin will be multiplied by the randomly chosen value. 

Win Win Won: Enter the Golden Palace

Dive into the sea of golden coins and glinting ingots waiting for you in casino slot Win Win Won! Feel prosperous in an instant when you see the lucky Chinese colours of gold and crimson. A vermillion palace gate stands in the far distance while dazzling treasures radiate before it. 

Play with Won-Won as he sits on top of the reels, his tail wagging and tongue hanging out. You’ll never get enough of his adorable cartoon design. Hear him huff, puff, and bark in victory whenever you land a win. Delight yourself with this one-of-a-kind classic slot and have fun with Won-Won!

Win Win Won: Let Won-Won Lead You to Treasure Troves

You’ll never know what to expect in casino slot Win Win Won. Anticipate Won-Won to nudge the reels and reward you a win! Bet on the largest amount to get more chances of increasing your payouts by up to 3x its amount. Spin the reels now and you can have the chance to snag the jackpot worth 7,800x your bet!

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