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Aviator Betting Game

Get ready for an unparalleled gaming experience with features that will make your heart race like an airplane engine. Here, each round is a promise of excitement and opportunity!

Play Aviator with Bitcoin & Crypto

At Sportbet.io you can choose from many currencies, all converted to USD at the current exchange rate. In short, you can play with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, but also with currencies such as the euro and yen. In total, eleven currencies are available!

Aviator's demo mode

The Aviator game has two play modes: fun mode and real mode. To earn money and not virtual tokens, get into the real mode. However, if you wish you can first test your skills by using demo mode. The demo or fun mode lets you make imaginary bets. This allows you to get used to the interface before playing for real and even think about strategies to increase your chances of winning in real mode!

Aviator: Characteristics of the game

The game Aviator, developed by the provider Spribe, is a simple, fun and very exciting game. 

The game interface is divided into three parts:

  • In the central part there is a small plane. It takes off then quickly gains height. The higher it goes, the more the bet multiplier increases.

  • Under this feature is your cockpit, the location where you manage your own bets: it is from there that you interact with the game. 

  • On the left side are the avatars of the other players present in the game. and the moment when everyone withdraws their stake. You can also find the history of your winnings and the biggest winnings for all players.

At the top, is the history of the multipliers of the last rounds. You can also access a game tutorial, your wallet, game settings, and live chat.

The game is animated and has its own soundtrack.

Aviator: the rules of the game

The game is based on your greed! The longer you wait, the more the plane will gain height and the more the multiplier will grow. The growth of the multiplier is exponential: slow at the start, it grows very quickly once past x5. The whole point of Spribe's Aviator lies in the fact that at a time, totally undetermined, the plane leaves the screen and the multiplier freezes. Players must have withdrawn before that moment if they want to pocket their bet. This marks then the end of the round. Another starts again a few moments later, giving time to the players to select their new bets. And so on!

Each round lasts only a few seconds. Sometimes less! You have to trust your intuition and withdraw your winnings before it is too late.If you withdraw too early, your multiplier will be lower than what you might have had by waiting longer. Conversely, if you do withdraw before the end of the round, the plane will disappear and your stake will fly away. It's all about luck!

Aviator: how to play

Before the start of each round, place the bet of your choice. You can place two bets simultaneously. When the plane has taken off, click on the bet button again to withdraw your winnings. Having two buttons available to bet allows you to lower the risk of losing.

Your win is your starting bet increased by the multiplier at which you stopped your bet. However, if the plane takes off before you have withdrawn your winnings, your bet is lost!

For example, if you bet $ 100 on x2, the two possible outcomes are:

  • A gain of $ 200 if the plane reaches or exceeds x2

  • A loss of $ 100 if the plane takes off before x2

There is also an option to automatically withdraw your winnings at a certain level, rather than waiting and clicking manually.

On Spribe's Aviator game, you can bet between $ 0.1 and $ 100 per round. The maximum payout for a single bet is $ 10,000. Aviator has a theoretical RTP of 97%

If you're ready to take off for an adrenaline-pumping, thrilling gaming experience, Spribe's Aviator is waiting for you. Don't miss this unique opportunity to feel the thrill of the skies while chasing big wins!

Get on board of Aviator and discover the game that's flying high in the betting world!

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