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    Explore the stars and beyond to find wins in Spaceman!

    Get ready to blast off into the sky and find the wins hiding behind thousands of stars in casino crash Spaceman! Hop onto your rocketship and cruise across the galaxy of wins to visit the planet with the highest payout worth up to 5,000x your wager!

    Spaceman Details 


    Pragmatic Play

    Game Type

    Crash Game




    96.5% (Theoretical)

    Minimum Bet


    Maximum Bet



    5,000x your stake 

    Spaceman: Frequently asked questions 

    What is the RTP of Spaceman?

    Spaceman has an appealing RTP of 96.5%.

    What is the volatility of Spaceman?

    The volatility of Spaceman is low.

    What is the max win available for Spaceman?

    The maximum coin win is set at 5,000x your stake.

    What are the minimum and maximum bets on Spaceman?

    The minimum bet is relatively low at €1 and the maximum bet is €100.

    Spaceman: Catch a falling star of wins! 

    Enjoy an exciting and mind-blowing online multiplayer game in Spaceman! This casino game falls under the Crash category where you would be blasted off into space with multipliers increasing the higher you soar into the sky. 

    Your mission is to predict when to cash out your wins before the spaceship meets its doom and crashes along with your wager and win the highest possible amount by staying as long as you can in the game without crashing. 

    Cashing in your wins at the right time would reward you with your wager multiplied by the multiplier value featured at the time you have cashed in your wins. Avoid getting caught up in the crash or all your wager would be lost and you would have to put forward another bet to join the game again. 

    The good thing about this game is it doesn’t require any skills for you to participate, which means that even beginners can enjoy Spaceman. All you have to do is to cash in at the right time and avoid getting caught in the crash! 

    Place your bet 

    To begin playing the game, you must first place your bet and confirm the amount you want to wager in the game. Your stake can go from the minimum wager amount of €1 to the maximum wager amount of €100. 

    The bets could no longer be modified once the game proceeds to play out. You can only change your bet once the round is concluded. Placing bets while a game is still in play is also not possible.  

    Rising multiplier 

    Crash is all about the multipliers. The longer your rocket soars into the sky, the higher your multiplier values would be. However, the risk also increases as you go up. The thrill of not knowing when the ship would crash will put you at the edge of your seat in every game! Win a multiplier from 1x your stake to 5,000x your stake.


    Cashing out is the main objective of the game. You need to know when would be the best time to pull out of the game before the spaceship crashes along with your wager. If you are lucky enough to cash out before crashing, you would be given two options and that is to ‘cashout’ or ‘cashout 50%’. 

    Since Spaceman is a fast-paced game that pays in real-time, it can take time for your cashed-out payouts to be sent directly to your account. By cashing out 50%, you reduce the time needed to cash out and you can still cash out the remaining wins you have from the game. 

    The speed of each transaction will depend on the amount you have won as well as the speed of your connection. 


    Playing Spaceman can be a world easier with the autoplay feature. This feature will allow you to bet automatically and repeat your previous wagers on a selected number of rounds in the game. 

    Live chat

    Share the excitement of each win with other players and interact in the live chat feature of Spaceman. In the live chat, you can talk about the previous results or encourage each other when to pull out of the game before the ship crashes. It’s the perfect place to build the hype that will let you play all day long! 

    Player board 

    Since Spaceman is a provably fair game, it will feature a player board that shows the usernames of the players who have participated in the game along with their wagers, multipliers and the amount they have won. You can use this player board to get an idea of when to start cashing in your wins and join the other players before the spaceship crashes.     

    Spaceman: Wish upon a star of wins and prizes   

    Reach for the stars and win payouts beyond your wildest dreams when you play Spaceman. This crash game is created by Pragmatic Play and thus, you can expect the superior quality reflected in its graphics and sound. Allow Spaceman to take you straight into the Outerspace and show you a world of wins you’ve never seen before.

    Embark on an adventure like no other and soar high into the sky of wins with Spaceman as you wait for the perfect time to cash out your wins before the spaceship crashes in the sky. Discover wins that riddle the galaxy now and play Spaceman! 

    Spaceman: Soar high into the sky of wins! 

    Blast off into space and meet strange new creatures like the Starlight Princess as you venture into the unknown. Win the Star Bounty as you wager your highest bets in Spaceman and explore what wins await you in the stars!