Golden Wealth Baccarat


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    Min - Max bet

    1 - 1000 USDT

    Win within a minute in Golden Wealth Baccarat

    If you are tired of watching the Mega Ball spin, you might want to have a quick round of card games where you have a chance to win amazing prizes. Trust your instincts and see if your predictions are right by playing Golden Wealth Baccarat here at Sportsbet.

    Golden Wealth Baccarat offers straightforward and quick game rounds in as fast as 1 minute! The RTP can range from 86% up to 98.85% depending on your bet. Player bets have an RTP of 98.85%, Banker bets have 98.69% RTP, Tie bets have 93.36% RTP and Banker/Player Pair has 86% RTP.

    Golden Wealth Baccarat Details 



    Game Type

    Live Game


    86% up to 98.85%

    Minimum Bet

    0.05 mBTC

    Maximum Bet

    50 mBTC

    Golden Wealth Baccarat: Fast and easy to understand gameplay

    Bet a minimum of 0.05 mBTC up to a maximum of 50 mBTC to get your hands on the best rewards. Take a look at how to play this game by reading below:

    Playing Golden Wealth Baccarat

    Your objective when playing Golden Wealth Baccarat is to predict whether the player or the Banker will have the card value that is closest to 9. This game is played using 8 standard decks containing 52 cards each. Check out how the numeric value of the cards below:

    • Aces are worth 1 point.
    • Cards 2 to 9 are worth their numerical values.
    • 10s and royal suits such as Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 0.

    If the hand’s value exceeds 10, the right number is considered as the hand’s total value. For example, if the hand consists of a 7 and a 9, it is only worth 6 instead of 16. If the hand has a total value of 0 to 7, the dealer is required to deal another card. Take a look at how Golden Wealth Baccarat is played below:

    1. Place your bet within 8 seconds. You can start betting by clicking on the chips with written denominations on them below the screen.
    2. Wait for the dealer to close the betting period. You will know the current status of the game through the ‘Traffic Lights’ at the top of the betting screen. A green light means you can place your bets, yellow light means the betting time is almost over and a red light means the betting period has expired.
    3. After the betting time is done, the dealer starts the Golden Round where 5 cards with assigned multipliers are chosen randomly. After the Golden Round, the dealer will distribute 2 cards each on the Banker and Player.
    4. You win if your bet contains the hand closest to 9. Your winnings will be multiplied on a certain value if the cards dealt with your bet belong to the 5 chosen cards during the Golden Round.


    Here are the types of bets you can wager in Golden Wealth Baccarat:

    Main Bets

    • Player: Bet if you think the Player’s hand gets the value closest to 9.
    • Banker: Bet if you think the Banker’s hand gets the value closest to 9.
    • Tie: Bet if you think both the Player and Banker will hold hands of equal value.

    Side Bets

    • Player Pair: Pays if the 2 cards dealt with the Player constitute a pair.
    • Banker Pair: Pays if the 2 cards dealt with the Banker constitute a pair.


    The payouts in Golden Wealth Baccarat depend on the type of bet you have placed. Check out how much you can win below:

    Bet Type





    1-512:1 but 95% of your bet is returned to the Banker if it wins


    5:1 or up to mBTC 25,000

    Player Pair


    Banker Pair


    Golden Round

    Before 2 cards are dealt on the Banker and Player, a Golden Round will happen first. Here, 5 random Golden cards with assigned multipliers of up to 8x are drawn randomly. If your bet contains cards that are among the selected rounds, your wins will be multiplied by the assigned multiplier. After the Golden Round is over, the dealer will go ahead and deal 2 initial cards to the Player and the Banker.

    Golden Wealth Baccarat: Asian-themed and user-friendly interface 

    In the background, you will see the walls adorned in red and gold colours that symbolise wealth in Asian cultures. The dealer is seated between the red baccarat table and behind them are two giant dragons, adding to the whole Asian-themed gameplay. Background colours will change from maroon to blue every once in a while.

    Golden Wealth Baccarat: Try your luck now

    Golden Wealth Baccarat is a great game for those who want to win prizes quickly. But if you are up for dizzying wins, watch where the ball lands in Instant Roulette! You can also choose to play a longer round of card games in Infinite Blackjack. More table games are waiting for you at Sportsbet.io so sign up for an account and try your luck now!


    Golden Wealth Baccarat