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    The winning choice is yours to take in Lightning Baccarat

    A new game dominates the world of live casinos, and it is none other than Lightning Baccarat by Evolution! This game offers its players a stunning 98.76% RTP and jaw-dropping rewards! Additionally, things get more electrifying because of its special Lightning Round feature.

    It is time to buckle up because Lightning Baccarat will keep you playing until you win big! Get to know more about what kind of surprises are in store for you when you continue reading this article.

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    Lightning Baccarat: It’s nine or never

    In a traditional game of baccarat, your goal is to choose which hand, player or banker, will have a hand value close to or exactly 9. This also applies in Lightning Baccarat, but it gets better because you get to play with an unlimited number of people! Moreover, the game shows you the statistics of what players choose, which can help you decide what hand has the probability of winning. 

    Learn how to play Lightning Baccarat by reading further!

    Playing Lightning Baccarat

    Before you play, you must first learn the card values of baccarat. Here is a simplified list for your reference:

    • Cards 2 to 9 - face value
    • Ace - 1
    • Face cards (J, Q & K) - 0.

    With this knowledge, it is time to place your bets within the assigned time limit. To make a wager, you can do so by selecting the kind of chip from the following:

    • 1
    • 5
    • 25
    • 100
    • 500
    • 1,000.

    If you want to increase your wager, feel free to press the betting spot, then click on the screen to finalize your bet. When your bet is finalized, you need to choose an action to take:

    • Choosing the banker’s hand
    • Choosing the player’s hand
    • Tie (if you think the banker and player hands will have the same value)
    • Player/Banker Pair (if the first two hands of Player/Banker is a pair).

    After you place your bets and decisions, the game will enter the Lighting Round. During this, 5 random cards will be drawn from a virtual card deck. Each card will contain a Lightning multiplier that can be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x. If your prediction is correct and one of the random cards is present on the hand you chose, the multiplier of that card will be applied to your total bet.

    Once the Lightning Round is done, the dealer will begin to deal the first two cards to both the Player and Banker hands. To calculate the value, you need to add each card. If it exceeds 9, subtract 10 from the total. If the value is 8 or 9, there will be no additional cards. But if it is 0-7, a third card is required and the player’s hand will always be the first to receive it. 


    Here are the payouts you can receive when you win in Lightning Baccarat:






    1-512:1 (RTP is 95% when the Banker’s hand wins)


    5:1 (up to €500,000)

    P Pair


    B Pair


    Keep in mind that the payout depends on the amount of bet you have placed. Additionally, the added Lightning Fee of 20% of your bet will not be paid out since this will be used to fund the multipliers of the game.

    Lightning Baccarat: Connecting with people

    Lightning Baccarat has a live chat feature that lets players express the victory or demise they experienced from the game. Sometimes, people help one another by sending a message about what decisions they made and why they did it. 

    Not only that, but the game also has a statistics feature that shows the number of players that placed bets on the Player, Banker or Tie. 

    Additionally, Lightning Baccarat offers you assistance with its Live Support feature. If you need anything or encounter any problems, all you have to do is click the headphones symbol beside the chat bubble. This will redirect you to a private inbox where only you and an assistant can see the contents. 

    In line with the art deco theme of Evolution, this live game also has unique elements like the black and gold pillars that light up in the background. On top of that, the dealers of the game wear a stunning red colour for their outfits, which match the table in front of them.

    Lightning Baccarat: Your decision will determine your fate!

    Are you ready to play a palpitating round of Lightning Baccarat? You will have a Crazy Time playing this game because it challenges your intuition. It will also motivate you to create strategies that can help you win impressive rewards! Will you gain Cash or Crash? Find out by playing Lightning Baccarat today!


    Lightning Baccarat