Mega Bola Da Sorte


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Game stats




Min - Max bet

0.02 - 10 mBTC

Roll the numbers for big wins on Mega Bola Da Sorte

Enjoy the thrill of playing bingo without the long wait in Mega Bola Da Sorte. Thanks to Evolution, you can now buy bingo cards and earn the rewards in just a matter of minutes. Prepare to have the best gaming experience here at Sportsbet.io.

Mega Bola Da Sorte Details



Game Type

Live Dealer



Minimum Bet

0.40 USDT

Maximum Bet

200 USDT



Mega Bola Da Sorte: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP of Mega Bola Da Sorte?

Mega Bola Da Sorte has an appealing RTP of 95.4%

What are the minimum and maximum bets on Mega Bola Da Sorte?

The minimum bet is 0.40 USDT and the maximum bet is 200 USDT.

How to play Mega Bola Da Sorte

Playing Mega Bol Da Sorte is fun and simple, but it may seem confusing to new punters. Don’t worry, the mechanics of the game are easy to learn. Just follow our guide below to become an expert bettor in no time:

  1. Buy a pack of cards

To start the game, purchase a packet of cards by choosing one of the options on the bottom section of the playing screen. The options are one card, 10 cards, 25 cards, or 100 cards. 

  1. Check the numbers on your cards

When you look at your card, you’ll see that each holds 24 randomly arranged numbers. These are the numbers that you need to hit to have a chance to win.

  1. Wait for the results to be drawn

To win in Mega Bola Da Sorte, your cards need to contain the drawn numbers according to the win patterns. There are 12 possible win lines in the game which are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. 

Once the round starts, the game host draws numbers from the ball-drawing machine. There are 51 numbers but only 20 out of these will be drawn. 

  1. Claim your winnings

If your card contains one of the 20 numbers drawn, they are automatically marked. When one of the cards you purchased completes a line, you automatically receive the reward.


Each card can complete one or more lines, and you’ll receive a payout for each line completed. See the table below for the number of lines and its corresponding payout:

Number of lines



1x (push) - 99:1


4 - 499:1


49 - 499:1


249 - 4,999:1


999 - 99,999:1


9,999 - 999,999:1

Special feature

Mega Ball bonus round

Once all 20 balls have been drawn during the main game, one or two bonus rounds can be triggered. When the feature starts, a multiplier with a value ranging from 5x to 100x is generated. After that, another ball is drawn to determine the ‘Mega Ball’.

If any of your cards contain the Mega Ball, that card’s payout is multiplied by the multiplier set at the start of the round. However, if the line is not complete on that card, then the Mega Ball multiplier won’t be applied to the payout. If your card contains several Mega Ball numbers among the winning lines, then your payout is multiplied by the highest multiplier.

Mega Bola Da Sorte: May your lucky numbers bring you a fortune!

Enjoy the thrilling gameplay of Mega Bola Da Sorte, brought to you by Evolution. With up to 100x multipliers, you can claim massive rewards when you complete lines on your betting card. 

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Mega Bola Da Sorte

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