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    Spin the wheel of Mega Roulette Live

    Put your luck to the test as you spin the wheel of Live - Mega Roulette! Leave your fate to the hands of the croupier and hope the ball lands on the pocket you wagered on!

    This exciting and entertaining live dealer game will make you play for hours! But it won't take long before you start making more of a profit because of the title's RTP of 97.3% and the variety of betting possibilities available. 

    So what are you waiting for? It’s time to play this game on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

    Live Mega Roulette Details:


    Pragmatic Play 

    Game Type

    Live Dealer



    Minimum Bet

    0.1 USDT

    Maximum Bet

    5,000 USDT

    Take home the jackpot in Live Mega Roulette

    One of the most exciting aspects of roulette is the element of surprise it brings, both in terms of when the wheel stops and where the ball falls. 

    To witness this, just bet an amount ranging from US$0.1 to US$5,000. And after that, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that the ball drops into the pocket on which you have wagered!

    Bets available in Live Mega Roulette

    Bets of several types may be placed in this game for a more strategic experience. Inside bets include those made on the numbered spots and the lines connecting them, while outside bets include those placed in the designated areas on the table's outside edges and underside. 

    Below are all the bets you can make:

    Type of bet


    Straight up

    A straight-up bet is a gamble in which a player places a chip on a single-numbered spot on the table, including 0.

    Split bet

    The split bet is made by putting the chip between two numbers on the roulette table. 

    Street bet

    Three digits on the layout are needed to make a street bet. To achieve this, just position your chip at the far left end of any column inside the betting table.

    Corner bet

    Corner bets allow players to place wagers on four separate numbers. To do this, just insert a chip at the intersection point where the 4 lines meet.

    Six-line bet

    Right side of the roulette table is labelled 2:1. Placing a chip on one of these numbers bets on all the numbers in that column.

    Dozen bet

    A dozen bet is made by putting a chip on one of the three boxes labelled either 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12 respectively.

    Even chances

    Bets on even chances are put in one of six boxes, each of which covers 18 numbers on the board. These include Odd, Even, Red and Black.


    Each bet has different payouts and the table below lists the various payments you can receive:

    Bet Type




    18 Numbers



    18 Numbers



    18 Numbers



    12 Numbers


    Six Line

    6 Numbers



    4 Numbers



    3 Numbers



    2 Numbers


    Straight up

    1 Number


    Live Mega Roulette: A French game like never before!

    Playing Live Mega Roulette lets you feel as if you’re participating in a well-known television game show thanks to Pragmatic Play Live's remote studio. This live game is the height of refinement and luxury, with its predominantly black décor and a sprinkling of changing lights throughout the game. These lights will change colour at significant moments in the game, such as the betting round and wheel spin to provide an element of drama.

    Another great factor about this live game is that it has a live chat feature that enables you to talk with various players and even interact with the croupier! And if you happen to get lost navigating the game, fret not! Live Mega Roulette has settings and an information icon on the top right corner of the screen to help you make informed decisions. 

    Live Mega Roulette: A game on the roll!

    When you're ready to take a chance on this exciting live dealer game, join the action and place your bets in the pockets of your choice! Start spinning the wheel of Live Mega Roulette and bet an amount ranging from US$0.1 to US$5,000 for a chance of bringing home the bacon! 

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