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Red Door Roulette by Evolution

Red Door Roulette is an intriguing live casino game by Evolution, blending elements of two of its popular games: Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time. This game is a part of Evolution's expanding portfolio of hybrid games, aiming to offer a unique roulette experience with the added excitement of various new features​​.

Red Door Roulette stands out in the live casino space with its unique blend of traditional roulette play and the impressive bonus rounds and multipliers inspired by Crazy Time. 

How to play Red Door Roulette

The gameplay starts like traditional roulette with bets placed on the betting grid. To be eligible for the bonus round, players must wager on straight-up bets. However, all other inside and outside bets follow standard European Roulette payouts. The twist in Red Door Roulette lies in its unique bonus round access and altered payouts for straight-up wins, reduced from 35:1 to 19:1, to accommodate multiplier wins​​​​.

Red Door Roulette also features an Autoplay function for consistent betting and a Statistics and Results Tracker to monitor past game rounds. However, this tracker doesn't provide details on the distribution of keys per game​​.

Bonus Features of Red Door Roulette

The game introduces a single reel slot machine after betting closes, determining the distribution of 3 to 15 'Keys' across the betting grid. These keys, along with RNG-generated multipliers (ranging from 2x to 20x), enhance the potential payouts in the bonus round​​​​.

Triggering the bonus round occurs when the roulette ball lands on a pocket with a key. The presenter then transitions players through a red door to a Crazy Time Wheel. This wheel, with 64 segments featuring multipliers and double sections, can amplify payouts significantly. If the wheel stops on a Double, payouts double, and the wheel spins again, potentially reaching up to 4000x​​​​.

Players aiming for the bonus round should consider various betting strategies. Betting on all numbers guarantees a win but is a losing strategy in the long run. Betting on half or a third of the numbers offers a balance between frequency of wins and bankroll management. The game's high volatility means that significant wins are rare but possible, especially with multipliers and repeated doubles in the bonus round​​.

The game follows standard roulette payouts, except for straight-up bets, which pay 19:1. The maximum payout for the bonus round is expressed as 3999:1, with the RTP for straight-up bets being 97.09% and 97.30% for all other bets​​.

Pros and Cons 


Exciting Bonus Rounds: The Crazy Time Wheel in the bonus round adds a layer of suspense and potential for high rewards, with multipliers going up to 400​​.

Engaging Strategy Options: Different betting strategies, like covering a third of the numbers, provide players with thoughtful ways to engage with the game

Decent RTP Rates: With an RTP of 97.09% for straight-up bets and 97.30% for other bets, which is very competitive when it comes to live casino games


Lower Straight-Up Bet Payout: The payout for straight-up wins is reduced from the standard 35:1 to 19:1, which might not appeal to traditional roulette playe​​r.

Complexity for Beginners: New players might find the combination of traditional roulette and additional bonus features a bit complex to grasp initially.


How Does the Key Mechanism Affect My Winning Chances in Red Door Roulette?

The keys are crucial for accessing the bonus round. With 3 to 15 keys distributed randomly across the grid, each key not only increases your chance to enter the bonus round but also can come with multipliers that significantly boost potential winnings. 

Is There an Optimal Betting Strategy for Maximizing Wins in the Bonus Round?

While no strategy guarantees a win, betting on a third of the numbers is often favored for balancing risk and potential access to the bonus round. This strategy allows for some level of profit and increases the chances of entering the bonus round, but it's essential to remember that the game's high volatility means bonus round wins are not frequent.

What Makes Red Door Roulette Different From Traditional European Roulette?

The major differences are the reduced payout for straight-up bets (19:1 instead of 35:1) to accommodate the bonus feature and the addition of the key mechanism and bonus round. These elements add an extra layer of excitement and potential winnings but also increase the game's volatility compared to traditional European Roulette. 

Game Suggestions

Other than Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time that inspired this game, you might want to try other Evolution games that blend live casino action with RNG based bonuses and multipliers that can be commonly found in slot games.  Mega Ball and Deal or No Deal are definitely games worth exploring.  Both are based on popular TV game shows that made plenty of lucky participants into millionaires. Put your prediction skills to the test when you play those games today from the comfort of your home!

Red Door Roulette

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