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Go on an Epic Journey with the Monkey King!

The heroes of the Chinese story ‘Journey to the West’ has come to help you win big prizes. The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, is waiting for you to spin the reels.

The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, his mentor, Tang Sunzang and their comrades had joined forces to help you get bigger wins. Spin the reels and get several special features that will help you make better combinations.

If you get three of the Journey symbols you will get to go on a journey that brings even bigger multipliers. Just follow the map and finish the missions. The gold chest can also bring you multipliers that not only double your stake but can go up more than you expect. You can win five different amounts on five different levels.

Go on and spin the reels. You may be able to win up to 1000x your stake on the next one.

Epic Journey Details


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Video Slots







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Up to 1000x your stake

Let’s Open the Gold Chest

Epic Journey is a 5-reel slot game by Red Tiger Gaming that is inspired by the Chinese legend ‘Journey to the West’. This game provides you with 20 ways to win. You can access this game on desktop, mobile and tablet. You only need a minimum of €0.20 up to €500 per spin.

There are seven paying symbols that you can utilize to form winning combinations. Each of these symbols has various combinations that give different payouts. Each payout is different for each symbol and depends on how much you have put as a bet.

The regular paying symbols on the reels are the high card values. It starts from 10 and continues to Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and Ace (A). These are what you can receive from these symbols:


Set of 3

Set of 4 

Set of 5


2 coins

6 coins

20 coins


4 coins

10 coins

30 coins


6 coins

14 coins

40 coins


8 coins

20 coins

50 coins


10 coins

26 coins

80 coins

There are only two higher paying symbols and both are regular items from that time period. You will see a scroll and red crown land on the reels giving you slightly higher payouts. These are the payouts that you can get:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


20 coins

60 coins

180 coins

Red Crown

40 coins

120 coins

360 coins

Wild Symbols

The heroes of the story ‘Journey to the West’ represent the WILD symbol. You will see Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing and Tan Sanzang (Tripitaka) appear on tiles that occupy a whole reel. 

All of the heroes are Giant Wild Symbols and takes up to three rows of the reels when they appear. The Wilds can also give payouts if you land a certain number of them. These are what you can get:

  • Getting 3 gives you 88 coins
  • Getting 4 gives you 388 coins
  • Getting 5 gives you 888 coins

Special Features

There a few special features that you can get while you’re playing. These features can help you create better combinations that can give you bigger wins. These are the special features you can receive:

  • Magic Nudge - jiggles the reels up or down to create a new combination
  • Mega Tiles - 3x3 tiles appear for guaranteed wins
  • Magic Reels -a selection of symbols are transformed into the same highest paying symbol to get a new winning combination

Journey Bonus

You can trigger this bonus feature by landing three of the Journey Bonus symbol anywhere in the reels. It’s a cash trail feature where you have to work your way through a map to reveal multiplier prizes. If you reach the end of the trail, there is a prize of 888x your stake offered.

Gold Bonus

This feature is triggered when you land 3 bonus symbols. You will be taken into a new screen where you will select between ten gold pots. There are 5 levels and only ends if the chosen Yuan Bao only contains a fixed amount of multiplier.

Take a Journey to the West

Red Tiger made sure that the design of this slot game stayed loyal to the story ‘Journey to the West’, a well-known Chinese legend. This tackles the journey of Tan Sanzang who goes on a journey with his disciples that promised to serve him forever.

The reels show unpaved roads that early travellers take when they go on their long journeys, just like the ones Tan Sanzang and his disciples took. The characters are accurately depicted but also is designed based on their own interpretation. They show their personalities in their depictions which brought more depth into the game.

You can clearly see Sun Wukong’s rebelliousness and mischief in his stance. You can tell that Zhu Bajie has some military experience in the way he is portrayed. There is wisdom seen in the eyes of Tang Sanzang when you look closely. There is also resolve on the way Sha Wujing is drawn that you could clearly tell how he was a great general full of courage and selflessness.

The music playing in the background is a great rendition of what you usually hear playing on shows and movies that depict the journey of a legendary figure. It deeply engrosses you into the story of the slot game.

Epic Journey: The Conclusion

Red Tiger made a great job interpreting the Chinese Legend of ‘Journey to the West’ in the slot game. It stayed true to the essence of the story with a very pleasant twist that does not disgrace the legend at all.

The game has an easy to understand gameplay that gives out really big prizes. The features are very generous that you certainly can win big payouts. This game is something that you should not overlook because it’s equally as epic as the original story itself.

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Epic Journey