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    Grand Wheel: A Cycle of Wins

    Red Tiger’s casino slot Grand Wheel is small in size but packs an absolute wallop when it comes to winning potential. If you’ve ever wanted to get the chance to multiply your bet with enormous multipliers, then you’ve come to the right wheel.

    The Grand Wheel slot maximizes on every aspect of its simplicity and delivers it to you in one brilliant game. With its undemanding gameplay, bright visuals, and playful 16-bit tunes, it’s a slot that any newcomer or veteran can enjoy. It echoes back to a simpler time when arcades were rampant around nearly every corner.

    Once you’ve spun once, you’ll never want to stop—especially when you have a chance to win up to m₿ 40,000!

    Grand Wheel Details


    Red Tiger

    Game Type

    Video Slots







    Minimum Bet

    m₿ 0.10

    Maximum Bet

    m₿ 40


    m₿ 40,000

    Grand Wheel: Do a Wheelie!

    Red Tiger’s casino slot Grand Wheel is a 3-reel slot with 1 payline that remixes the classic slot machine formula and adds in its own fun twist that’ll leave you spinning.

    The basic symbols are most of the fruits in-game. These are Cherries, Oranges, and Lemons. Each symbol has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


    Set of 3


    3x (m₿ 120)


    5x (m₿ 200)


    8x (m₿ 320)

    The high-paying symbols are Grapes, Bells, and 7’s. Each symbol has its own payouts for every winning combination based on the max bet:


    Set of 3


    18x (m₿ 720)


    38x (m₿ 1,520)


    88x (m₿ 3,520)

    Wheel Bonus

    Casino slot Grand Wheel features a large wheel per its namesake consisting of several bet multipliers. You need to land 2 or 3 Wheel Bonus symbols to activate its special bonuses. The Wheel Bonus symbol is represented by an image of the upper half of the Grand Wheel. 

    If you land 1 or 2 Wheel Bonus symbols on the payline, then you automatically win a stake multiplier prize for each symbol. This means that if only 1 Wheel Bonus symbol lands, you only get 1 multiplier prize. If 2 Wheel Bonus symbols land, then you get 2 bet multipliers added together to form your total prize.

    Grand Wheel

    If you land 3 Wheel Bonus symbols, then you get the opportunity to spin the Grand Wheel Bonus and win one of its numerous bet multipliers that can go up to 1,000x.

    Grand Wheel: A Tireless Formula

    Casino slot Grand Wheel uses Red Tiger’s signature polished chrome steel interface to ease players in without giving them too many visual cues to adjust to. The paytable is also available above the reels to guide players and give them all the information they need in one compact package.

    All the colours are vibrant and vivid, giving every aspect of the game a bright and colourful pop of life. The game’s smooth animations are reminiscent of classic arcade games and remain incredibly satisfying throughout your gameplay. It’s got everything you can ask for from a slot game, served to you on a silver platter.

    Grand Wheel: Going In Circles

    Red Tiger’s casino slot Grand Wheel remains loyal to the well-loved and widely-known slot game formula. Red Tiger always knows the best way to bring out a slot game’s full potential, no matter how simple or extravagant the theme is. The Grand Wheel slot provides a potential payout of up to m₿ 40,000 with few conditions and no complicated mechanics. It really is as simple as spinning a wheel.

    One spin on the Grand Wheel is all it takes to get your payouts to Mega Rise. This is a Golden Offer you can’t refuse.