Hip Hop Panda


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Game stats




Min - Max bet

0.3 - 30 mBTC


Medium volatility



Hit ratio %


Hip Hop Panda: Make ‘Em Money Move

This one’s for the boys and girls with the boomin’ system and a desire to win all that hot stuff! Can you hear that boom, badoom boom boom, badoom boom bass? Yeah, that’s the sound of a jackpot worth up to 128,700 coins. Spin the reels of casino slot Hip Hop Panda and get ‘em prizes up your sleeves!

With DJ Panda, all you’ll get are chances to win, win, win, no matter what. When you step with him in the buildin’, everybody hands go up! They stay there as you anticipate chances of winning hot multipliers and cash prizes. If you lookin’ for the one, it’s PGSoft’s casino slot Hip Hop Panda. Here, the money never lie, no—so you can ride this disco stick ‘til dawn!

Spin the reels and records when you hit the dance floor in casino slot Hip Hop Panda. You’ll be bossin’ and blessin’ up as you anticipate the greatest rewards of the night life!

Hip Hop Panda Details 



Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



128,700 coins

Hip Hop Panda: Ride Wit ‘Em Prizes

PGSoft’s casino slot Hip Hop Panda has 3 reels and 20 paylines. You’ll be kickin’ and dancin’ in delight as you spin the reels of this groovy slot.

The casino slot Hip Hop Panda features a different system of winning paylines. If you get at least 3 clusters of symbols anywhere on the reels, winning combinations are formed. Then, all winning symbols will be removed and new symbols will drop down from above. This will potentially help you win more combinations.

The basic symbols are the Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A) from a standard card deck. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the standard bet:


Set of 3

J, Q


K, A


The high-paying symbols are neon-illustrated fruits, slot machine icons such as 7s and bells, and oriental food such as dumplings and noodles. Each symbol has its own payout for every winning combination based on the standard bet:


Set of 3







Noodle Soup




Lucky 7


A yellow neon logo that says ‘Wild’ serves as the game’s Wild symbol. This substitutes all paying symbols except Free Spins and Bomb symbols. 

Poppin’ Some Tags and Features

Bonus Multiplier Reel

The casino slot Hip Hop Panda has a Bonus Multiplier Reel. This feature is located on top of the reels, displaying 6 fixed multiplier values and 5 random symbols that change in every spin. Every symbol has a corresponding multiplier. The values of the multipliers are as follows:

  • 2x.
  • 3x.
  • 6x.
  • 8x.
  • 10x.
  • 30x.

If a winning combination is formed with a multiplier symbol, the winnings for that spin are multiplied accordingly. The winning symbols will then be removed from the regular reels and Bonus Multiplier Reel. 

The multiplied symbols in the Bonus Multiplier Reel then move from left to right. Once cash prizes have been rewarded, the multiplier will reset to 2x on the next spin.

Bomb Feature

The Bomb Feature can potentially reward you if there are no winning combinations and at least 1 Bomb symbol on the reels. When this feature is triggered, Bomb symbols will explode and destroy the symbols around them. New symbols will then drop down, giving you more chances to land winning combinations.

Free Spins 

When 1 Free Spins symbol lands on the reels, you will be rewarded with Free Spins that include incredible multipliers. For each symbol, you get 3 Free Spins. The Bonus Multiplier Reel replaces regular multipliers with more bountiful amounts:

  • The 2x multiplier is replaced with 5x.
  • The 3x multiplier is replaced with 5x. 
  • The 6x multiplier remains the same.
  • The 8x multiplier is replaced with 10x.
  • The 10x multiplier is replaced with 30x.
  • The 30x multiplier is replaced with 50x.

You can trigger additional Free Spins if the Free Spins symbol land during this feature.

Hip Hop Panda: Your Vibe’s Dope, Man

Step into a colourful world of neon lights with a modern, oriental twist when you play casino slot Hip Hop Panda. The night life’s dope and it’s never been cooler! Meet DJ Panda himself, who’s here to help you spin these groovy reels and his cool tracks. He’ll be givin’ you flamin’ chances of winning bountiful rewards and bonuses.

If you wanna go and take a ride with the DJ, dance to the groovy techno beats of this unique slot. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let those bright neons blind you! There’s an incredible jackpot worth up to 128,700 coins when you hit that dance floor in PGSoft’s casino slot Hip Hop Panda. You need no Gucci when all these treasures in the club are tight!

Hip Hop Panda: Hands in the Air!

These people can’t mess with you if they wanted to, not when you got ‘em expensive red bottoms and bloody shoes. In PGSoft’s casino slot Hip Hop Panda, you walk in the club and get the chance to win fantastic bonuses and cash prizes worth up to 128,700 coins. Here, the neon lights shine on your eyes as you dance and feel the vibe!

Get ‘em coins when you spin the reels of this techno slot! You’ll be the whole club’s Gem Saviour. It’s a Hotpot of flamin’ prizes in here, so you better not miss yo’ chance.

Hip Hop Panda

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