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    Min - Max bet

    0.05 - 75 USDT


    High volatility



    Twerk Your Way to Riches!

    Dancing has plenty of benefits. It is a way to be healthy by releasing sweat and making your muscles work. It is also the greatest passion for many so they express themselves through the way their bodies sway. There are many dance moves that got popular over the years. One of them is shown in this Endorphina casino slot—Twerk!

    Get your body movin’ with the best dancers in town. You can potentially win riches by happily dancing with these strong, empowered ladies.

    Twerk Details 



    Game Type

    Video Slots







    Minimum Bet

    5 coins

    Maximum Bet

    50 coins

    Twerk: Jiggling Prizes

    Warm-up and prepare to potentially win huge prizes in casino slot Twerk. There are 3 reels and 5 fixed paylines. When you match symbols starting from the leftmost reel, you can win rewards. The rewards displayed in the paytable change in accordance with your bet amount. Each spin costs a minimum of 5 coins and a maximum of 50 coins.

    This game is developed by Endorphina. It has an RTP of 96%. It also offers free games and a battle feature.


    Show off your best twerking costume because the dancers already displayed theirs! The ladies are dressed in different short, hot pants so they can freely twerk the way they want. The following rewards can be yours on a maximum bet value:

    • Getting 3 Violet Hot Pants symbols can give you 30 coins.
    • Getting 3 Pink Hot Pants symbols can give you 50 coins.
    • Getting 3 Denim Hot Pants symbols can give you 70 coins.
    • Getting 3 Green Hot Pants symbols can give you 200 coins.
    • Getting 3 Ripped Pants symbols can give you 500 coins.
    • Getting 3 Black and Yellow Hot Pants symbols can give you 1,000 coins.
    • Getting 3 Gold ‘Twerk’ Hot Pants symbols can give you 5,000 coins.


    The ‘VS’ scatter symbol can give you 250 coins when you hit 3 of it on a maximum bet. This is also your key to activating the free games feature.


    If you land 3 scatters, you can trigger the free games and battle features.

    Free Games

    Casino slot Twerk randomly selects a dancer before the start of the first free game. The chosen lady competes with a random opponent. There is a maximum of 6 dance battles. You are rewarded with prizes if your dancer wins the battle. However, the free games are officially over if your dancer loses.

    Battle Feature

    You can have up to 6 dance battles. 1 battle has 5 rounds. Each round gives a point for every winning combination you get that contains your dancer's symbol. The rule 'one point per combination' applies. 

    The winner is determined after each round. If your dancer gets more points, you win and proceed to the next battle. If your dancer gets the same number of points as her opponent, it results in a draw and the battle continues until one of them can be declared as the winner.

    Gamble Feature

    You can double your wins up to 10 times with the gamble feature. All you have to do is choose one out of the four closed cards. If the card you got has a higher value than the dealer's, you win. If you got a lower value, you lose all your current wins. If the values are tied, it results in a draw and your wins are retained.

    Feel the Heat When You Twerk

    Casino slot Twerk revolves around the popular dance move itself—twerking. It takes you to a dance studio with a brick wall and wooden floor. The brick wall has graffiti sprayed all over it to give you the feel of street dancing. 

    You can have fun with a total of 7 sexy ladies. They each wear their own hot pants to showcase how good they are in twerking their buttocks. The way these ladies stand gives you an image of intense dance moves. They bring hotness to the whole slot and can get you twerking as well to fully enjoy your time with them.

    The reels have speakers on both sides. Even the menu and bet amount buttons on the lower part of the screen are designed as speakers. You can imagine a dance studio with the loudest and best beats in town when you see this design.

    Twerk Hard, Win Big

    Start twerkin’ to potentially win big rewards. You have seven ladies to elevate your confidence in dancing. Lose all your shy bones and release the grooviest move you’ve got to impress these dancers. They give great riches in return so do your best. After getting sweaty and tired with all the dance battles, feel Sparkling Fresh again when you eat Fresh Fruits!