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    Ready your scuba set for your underwater quest in Lucky Ocean

    Exploring the deep trenches of the ocean may sound terrifying, but if you’re ready to get your hands on the most alluring pearls you’re eyes have ever seen, then it’s time to get your diving gear ready. Let yourself submerge and venture through the ocean floor to see the majestic scene of marine life filled with schools of fish, planktons and corrals. You never know, you might even stumble upon huge payouts in casino slot Lucky Ocean, so what are you waiting for?

    Embark on an underwater journey and start racking up prizes from the bottom of the ocean. With an RTP of 97.5%, look for the special pearls that could help you win some tremendous payouts. But be careful, you might come across a hedgehog fish that can steal your prizes away!

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    Click and win: How to play Lucky Ocean

    OnlyPlay’s casino slot Lucky Ocean is a fun treat for players looking for a turn-based lottery game, letting you take home the prize in just seven clicks. This instant-win game takes you to the unknown and explored parts of the underwater sphere paired with a calming backdrop to keep you at ease. With just four reels and seven rows, it’s time to gather big prizes to make your underwater quest fruitful!

    Before you can start playing casino slot Lucky Ocean, you must set a minimum waging amount of €01.0 up to a maximum amount of €50. Once you’re done, click the Play button. The game will let you choose any cell so you can start playing!

    In the game, you will find seven rows containing four bubbles. In every row, there are three bubbles that contain snow-white pearls while the remaining one contains a hedgehog fish.

    To win the round, you should find the pearl by choosing a bubble to burst. The more rows you pass within a round, the higher is your payout. And if you’re lucky enough to score seven successful pearls, you’re set to win a jackpot worth up to €10,000!

    However, if you click the wrong bubble and a poisonous hedgehog fish shows up, you lose the round and you’ll end up with empty hands. But the game allows you to win a prize without bursting seven bubbles!

    When you burst a bubble, a prize is automatically given to you displayed above the row. You can either continue to play the round and click on another bubble or press the Take button if you’re not ready to take the risk.

    Reach the deepest pits of the sea in Lucky Ocean

    Join a group of scuba divers in exploring the deepest pits of the sea and appreciating marine life as you find the whitest pearls in casino slot Lucky Ocean. A sky-blue backdrop perfectly resembling the shade of the underwater along with a soothing soundtrack could calm your nerves and help you breathe normally on your underwater quest!

    There are tiny bubbles and corrals on the ocean floor as you look for the white pearls. On your adventure, make sure that you’re on the lookout for deadly hedgehog fish that can appear out of nowhere. It may look like a fluffy, adorable creature but don’t let its cuteness distract you from popping the right bubble and scoring the jackpot prize!

    Lucky Ocean: Swim against the currents for special pearls!

    When you set sail in the Lucky Ocean, you can discover milky pearls and rewarding payouts underwater or even a Jungle Gold full of thrilling treasures! Put your luck to the test and burst the right bubbles so you can come back to the shore like a big shot. 

    With an RTP of 97.5% and a payout of up to €10,000, you’re bound to become the next sea adventurer that can make a name in the Book of Bamboo!