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    Hand of Anubis


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    Hand of Anubis Slot: Embark on an Afterlife Adventure

    Dive into a realm of ancient mysteries with the Hand of Anubis Slot game brought to you by Hacksaw Gaming. Released on 21st April 2022, Hand of Anubis has swiftly gained popularity among slot enthusiasts for its beautiful design and engaging gameplay. 

    With its cascading style and tantalizing dark theme, this game is bound to become a staple for players seeking mystery and high rewards. Seize the opportunity to assist the Egyptian deity in guiding the departed souls and stand a chance to walk away with a treasure worth 10,000x your bet! 

    Below is an in-depth look into the game's features and mechanics that set it apart.

    Game description

    "Hand of Anubis" is a 5-reel, 6-row online video slot game that showcases a unique cluster pays mechanic. The clusters of symbols trigger wins, making the gameplay thrilling and engaging. With a maximum win of 10,000x the bet, the stakes are as high as the pyramids. With a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.24%, Hand of Anubis provides a fairly high chance for players to win. The betting range and volatility provide a balanced gameplay for both low and high rollers

    Uncover the secrets of the afterlife as you set the reels into motion on Hand of Anubis! The game is meticulously designed with ancient stones and flanked by two majestic Anubis pillars that guard the reels. The background embodies the mystical afterlife ambiance, enriched by a captivating guitar melody accompanying each spin.

    The theme draws inspiration from the ancient Egyptian Underworld, where Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife, reigns. The graphics and sounds create an immersive experience as players navigate through the dark, ancient corridors in search of treasures. 

    Game Mechanics

    The game features a cascading style where clusters of symbols trigger wins. A cluster is formed with five or more of the same symbol, and if a red or blue Soul Orb wild is contained within the cluster, the win is multiplied.

    Soul Orbs

    Soul Orbs play a crucial role in amplifying wins. The red orb multiplier increases with the number of symbols in a cluster, while the blue orb multiplier increases with the number of clusters.

    Bonus Rounds

    Players can trigger either the Underworld or Judgement bonus games via a scatter symbol, or exchange credits to buy a bonus. Each bonus feature applies multipliers in its own unique way, promising exciting gameplay and bigger wins.

    Low-value Symbols

    Embark on a quest for riches with the low-paying symbols, represented by stones inscribed with card suits - 9, 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K), and Ace (A). Aligning two or more matching symbols on the reels unlocks a path to substantial prizes.

    High-value Symbols

    The high-paying symbols are represented by vibrantly colored jewels - blue, violet, yellow, green, and red. Landing three or more of these precious stones in a cluster unveils grander rewards, especially when betting the maximum wager.

    Special Symbols

    Wild Symbol

    The wild symbol is embodied by two mystical soul orbs, one red and the other blue. Each round holds the promise of revealing one or both of these enchanted orbs that absorb power from all cluster wins, stacking any multipliers applied to the winnings. The red soul orb's multiplier grows by 1x for every symbol in each cluster won, while the blue soul orb's multiplier ascends by 1x per winning cluster.

    Bonus Symbol

    A bonus awaits with the Anubis skull symbol, which when landed in a winning combination, unlocks the gateway to the game's bonus feature.

    Demo mode

    You can either try the game for free or play for real money and experience the ancient Egyptian magic firsthand at Sportsbet.io!

    Hand of Anubis: Embark on a Journey Like No Other

    With each spin on Hand of Anubis, guide the souls through the afterlife under the watchful eyes of the deity. The mystical relics hidden in this ancient realm are waiting to be discovered. Venture into the unknown, and the fortune worth 10,000x your bet might just be within your grasp.

    Unleash the powers of the ancient relics and let the god of the afterlife guide you through this captivating slot game. Your adventure in the mystical realm of Hand of Anubis is laden with treasures waiting to be unveiled. Are you ready to take on the quest? The reels of destiny await!