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Casino live streaming: Kick back, relax and win prizes with Livespins

A new way to play slots and spin the reels is here! With Livespins, watch slots streamers play the best slot games available and win by placing bets alongside them. When the streamer wins, you score prizes too. Lots of features are in store like the Bonus Hunts and Lightning Drops feature to help you maximise your rolls.

With an RTP of 96%, Livespins is an innovative way to watch, play and win on slot games. Start your game with a bet ranging from a minimum of 0.20 USDT to a maximum of 110 USDT. Tune in and play this game on your mobile device, tablet or PC.

Livespins Details 



Game Type




Minimum Bet

0.20 USDT

Maximum Bet

110 USDT


500,000 USDT

How to play Live spins and watch casino live-streaming

Slots are a staple of casino gaming because they’re fast-paced games that are easy to understand and offer huge payouts. What sets Livespins apart from other slot games is that you play alongside online casino streamers and if they win, you get a payout according to your wager.

All you have to do is join a casino slots live stream, set the number of rounds you want to play and place a bet between a minimum of 0.20 USDT to a maximum of 110 USDT. You won’t have to bet the same as the casino streamers, you can choose how much you want to bet!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can play any of the fantastic live dealer games available:

  1. Open the Livespins Lobby and choose a slots live stream you want to watch. You can see what the current streamers are playing and decide from the game they’re playing. Different streamers will be playing at different times of the day so make sure to check in from time to time to see if your favourite is online.

  1. Once you’ve chosen a stream, click ‘Play Now’ to join.

  1. The game opens to the streamer playing their chosen slot, with the chat box to the right and the bet settings on the bottom.

  1. Click on the betting amount and adjust using the plus or minus signs. You can also decide on the number of rounds you want to play, between 10 and 250. After you’ve confirmed your bet, it will automatically be placed.

  1. The streamer will keep playing the game. Your bets will also be registered while they play meaning that you get a payout for every win the streamer gets.

  1. The stream will keep going even if you run out of bets so make sure to have your next round of bets ready.

Bonus Features

Bonus Hunts feature

Casino streamers will search for bonuses from different slot games until they trigger a bonus round. When the streamer reaches a bonus round, they stop that game and look for another bonus on another game. They repeat this until there are a certain amount of parked bonuses, at which point they will play all the bonus rounds. 

Bonus Hunts are up to the discretion of the streamer so make sure to stay tuned for it.

Lightning Drops

You also have a chance to win a random cash reward for every real money wager you put with the Lightning Drop feature. What's great about this feature is that there are no minimum bets or wagering conditions. When playing, keep an eye out for the Campaign Prizes because when you do see it, you'll be given a prize. 

Chatbox feature

Find the chat box on the right side of the game where other players watching the same streamer can interact with each other while the casino slots live stream is ongoing. Streamers will also be watching the chatbox to engage, chat and joke around with their viewers.

Live spins: Watch the slots live stream and win big

Livespins is definitely unique in the slot game genre as you simply get to watch a streamer have fun and make bets along the way. This slot game allows you to relax while someone else spins the reels, making for a leisurely experience.

The slots streamers have different personalities as some of them focus more on the game while others split their attention between playing the game and interacting with players through the chat box. You get to pick and choose your favourite streamers, hang out with them and win big while they play the most entertaining slot games available.

Place your bet on amazing and rewarding Livespins

Play alongside online casino streamers and other punters for a one-of-a-kind gaming session in Livespins. Discover everything this innovative slot game has to offer, including Bonus Hunts and Lightning Drops.

Sit back and relax as you watch the slots live stream and interact with other players for a memorable social gaming experience. Bet anywhere between the minimum wager of 0.20 USDT to a maximum wager of 110 USDT for a chance to win the grand prize of 500,000 USDT your bet!

Live spins: Frequently asked questions 

What is the RTP of casino slot Livespins? 

Casino slot Livespins has an RTP of 96%.

What is the volatility of casino slot Livespins? 

The volatility of casino slot Livespins is high.

What is the max win available for casino slot Livespins? 

The maximum payout is set at 500,000 USDT.

What are the minimum and maximum bets of casino slot Livespins? 

The minimum bet is 0.20 USDT and the maximum bet is 110 USDT.

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Livespins - Stream 1

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